Veterans Day: Honoring HMS Employees & Families Who Served

Veterans Day: Honoring HMS Employees & Families Who Served

  • November 11, 2022

The United States would not be the nation it is today without the brave and dedicated service of men and women in the military. Healthcare Management Solutions, LLC (HMS) honors all who have served or currently serve in any of the U.S. Armed Forces, including those in the HMS family.

“We owe a year-round debt of gratitude to all veterans and active-duty members of the service,” said HMS President Leah Heimbach. “This Veterans Day, we are spotlighting HMS employees and their loved ones who have served.”

Erik Archamabult: U.S. Navy

HMS Connection: Erik is an Instructional Design Analyst at HMS

Years Served: 12 years

Roles: Aircrew Survival Equipmentman First Class Petty Officer, Air Warfare Specialist – PR1(AW) 1998 Keflavik, Iceland; 2000 Sigonella, Sicily; 2001 Keflavik, Iceland

Comments: “These were far more operational detachments than deployments. The Navy was the hardest, but most fulfilling experience ever. I traveled the world and met people I will forever be connected with.”

William Cox: U.S. Army

HMS Connection: Father of Laura Reeder, who is the Chief Executive Officer at HMS

Years Served: 2 years

Role: Staff Sergeant

Comments: “My dad, William Cox, served in Korea during the Korean conflict. He primarily ran and/repaired a rock crusher to make roads.”

Sara E. Crawford: U.S. Army

HMS Connection: Daughter of Sunday Crawford, who is a Senior Medical Facility Surveyor at HMS

Years Served: 8 years

Roles: Specialist, U.S. Army Reserves, 592nd Ordnance Company; Battalion Cook

Comments: Enlisted at age 17 as a junior in high school.

Peta Gae Evans: U.S. Navy

HMS Connection: Daughter of Karlene Beckford-Cole, who is an Exceptions Analyst at HMS

Years Served: 6 years

Roles: Hospital Corpsman (assisted with triaging patients); Pharmacy Technician (medication dispensing); Sexual Assault Representative; Phlebotomist; Combat Medic (for severely injured patients)

George Stemen: U.S. Air Force

HMS Connection: Husband of Juanita Stemen, who is a Senior Medical Facility Surveyor at HMS

Years Served: 8 years

Role: Machinist

Comments: He made two trips to Guam during the Vietnam war.

Donald P. Thorne, Jr.: U.S. Marine Corps

HMS Connection: Father of Tamala Waddell, who is a Project Coordinator at HMS

Years Served: 1½ years

Role: Lance Corporal

Comments: During his two tours in the Vietnam War, Donald would walk point during patrols and later was a squad leader.

Charles “Chuck” Vess, Sr.: U.S. Army

HMS Connection: Father of Janet Kubisiak who is a Medical Facility Surveyor at HMS; grandfather of Christina Kubisiak who is a Medical Facility Surveyor at HMS

Years Served: 28 years

Roles: Retired Master Sergeant, Armory (tanks and helicopters) during three tours to Germany (9 years) and one tour to Korea

Comments: “My dad is the person who makes me who I am today: high standards (always excel to be better), honesty (never lie, even white lies, always will make themselves back to you/other person) respect for others (there is no one person better than another, if we were perfect we would be “God”), team player (although my dad lead by example, he loved being “boots on the ground” with his troops, all for one and one for all), accountability (we are all responsible for good/bad situations surrounding us, how we respond/act will make all the difference). My dad passed away last year, but there is not a day that I don’t talk with him and ask what he would do in this situation. I miss his physical being, but I know he is with me everyday.”

Paul V. Waddell, II: U.S. Army

HMS Connection: Husband of Tamala Waddell, who is a Project Coordinator at HMS

Years Served: 3 years

Role: E4 Gunner on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Comments: Completed a tour in Desert Shield/Storm, running patrol in the Bradley with his platoon.

James William Weaver: U.S. Army

HMS Connection: Husband of Polly Weaver, who is a State Operations Director at HMS

Years Served: 40½ years

Roles: Command Sergeant Major (E-9) – Military Police Battalion; Command Sergeant Major  (E-9) – Expeditionary Sustainment Command; Operation Desert Storm (Saudi Arabia, Iraq 1990-1991); Operation Uphold Democracy (Haiti 1995); Operation Iraqi Freedom (Southern Iraq 2004); Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan 2007)

Comments: “It was an honor to serve this GREAT NATION! My last assignment was as the Senior Noncommissioned Officer of the 143d Expeditionary Sustainment Command. This Command was a Headquarters Command composed of 103 Army units numbering 10,000+ Army soldiers.”

HMS Strives to Protect America’s Veterans

HMS is proud to have a long and ongoing relationship with the Veterans Administration. We offer expertise in IT and disaster recovery solutions, surveys, and technical assistance to  ensure veterans receive the very best care, along with the respect and appreciation they deserve.

HMS is also proud that we have attracted team members who have honorably served this nation. Their experiences give them a deep understanding of the veterans we help serve, and inspire all of us to bring our best selves to the vital work of protecting vulnerable populations, particularly our nation’s veterans.

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