Healthcare Management Solutions, LLC (HMS) offers the following pre-approved contract vehicles to help government clients obtain our services in an expedited manner. What is your primary NAICS code? A:  Under certain IT-related NAICS codes, we are a woman-owned small business (WOSB). HMS is a woman-owned large business for other, non-IT NAICS codes.

Collectively Owned, Together Successful

You’re the secret behind our success. If you want to work in a caring culture instead of a corporate culture, join us in being part of our 100% employee-owned team. 

We reinforce our reputation for unsurpassed excellence with every hire. We are looking for people with,

  • A passion for protecting the vulnerable.
  • A tech-savvy mind that sees how technology can be developed or tailored to improve the quality of care. 
  • Expertise-fueled insights that see right through a problem to a solution.

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Job Highlight

Samantha Boston

Medical Facility Surveyors are an amazing group who work tirelessly to protect the voiceless. As they travel throughout the United States and its territories doing what they love, they see things that others do not. How often do you see a moose outside your mobile office during your journey or get to stand in all four states at once?

Becoming a Medical Facility Surveyor at HMS means you are part of a skilled group of professionals. Our Medical Facility Surveyors are on the direct line protecting the most vulnerable population. When you are part of our team you are given the opportunity to learn from our group of Subject Matter Experts, provided tools to prepare you for field surveys, and are paired with coaches and mentors to teach the tricks of the trade. We want you to be the best you can be, your success is our success.