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Agencies We Serve:

Health & Human Services (HHS) Agencies

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

Veterans Administration

Veterans Health Administration

Military Health

Defense Health Agency (DHA)

What We Deliver

HMS protects vulnerable populations and veterans. We focus on both healthcare and technology to deliver services and solutions needed by federal and state agencies and private-sector partners.

Human Centered

HMS remains centered on the impact we’re having on the quality of care for real people. You’ll see it throughout our operations — when we’re conducting facility surveys (inspections), training, providing management or IT consulting, developing software, offering technical support, or tapping into any of our many other capabilities.

People Powered

Whether behind the scenes in a support role or on-point with a client or partner, our subject matter leaders go the extra mile. They know the difference between checking a box and adding real value. They treat this work not as a job but as a calling. And they elevate competence and innovative thinking to a whole new level. They live the HMS mission every day.

Technology Enabled

Our technology solutions transform outmoded systems into efficient safety nets of accountability and oversight. From streamlining workflow, to reporting and analyzing data, we seamlessly integrate new solutions into each agency’s operation, with a focus on human-centered design, agile development, and smartly leveraging emerging technologies.




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