Performance Report

Performance Report

Marketplace Plan Management Compliance Reviews (MPMCR) – CPAR


HMS’ quality of work is exceptional. The regular deliverables require little to no revision and rework and they do not have to be told multiple times to fix the same problems. On their regularly scheduled tasks, the delivery of documents and the quality of writing is always exceptional. HMS is able to take on Ad Hoc tasks and complete those at the same level of quality as their regularly scheduled tasks. Their willingness and ability to adapt to a shifting environment during the Base Year of the contract and the ability to ensure that the deliverables were still timely and of high quality is commendable. Their delivered work products always exceed quality expectation resulting in less time and money spent by the Government in reworking and/or editing deliverables. 


HMS’ adherence to the schedule is unmatched. Even during a year which required several shifts in focus due to unforeseen circumstances, they were able to shift resources and still adhere to timelines that were shortened unexpectedly or changed altogether. There were no instances of scheduling overrun during the base year and most times deliverables were produced earlier than the timeline required, in turn freeing up resources that were required to be shifted and adding flexibility for the Government. 


HMS was able to stay under budget the entire base year. HMS demonstrates exceptional ability to forecast and manage costs while taking on Ad Hoc projects. This was especially important this year as priorities shifted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. HMS was able to shift fiscal resources adroitly and still forecast and control costs effectively. 


HMS’ project manager is able to manage the contract very effectively. We did not have any issues in the base year that required any corrective action plans or any intervention from the project manager. This likely speaks to the project manager’s ability to identify the correct people for the job and engage them properly. The scheduling and staffing at HMS is exceptional as exhibited by the lack of quality, schedule, or timeliness problems in the base year. 

The accounting and billing processes are effectively managed as expected and delivered and explaining in a timely manner. We have regular meetings with the project manager to discuss deliverables, projects, timelines, and cost. HMS is always exceptionally prepared for these meetings and is able to effectively meet the needs of the Government on this requirement. 


Given what I know today about the contractor’s ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order’s most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future. 

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