HMS Donates $1,900 to Connecting Link, Inc., in Honor of Our 19th Anniversary

HMS Donates $1,900 to Connecting Link, Inc., in Honor of Our 19th Anniversary

  • August 11, 2021

To celebrate our 19 years in business and live our commitment to protecting vulnerable populations, Healthcare Management Solutions, LLC, (HMS) donated $1,900 to the nonprofit Connecting Link, Inc. The donation will help support individuals in crisis and assist residents of North Central West Virginia in becoming more self-sufficient. HMS’ contribution is a combined cash and in-kind donation: a $1,000 check plus $900 worth of car seats, diapers and wipes.

“As we celebrate our nineteenth year in business, we continue to put protecting vulnerable populations at the core of our mission,” said HMS President & Owner Leah Heimbach. “The people assisted by Connecting Link are experiencing a variety of life crises, and they need help not just to get through today’s problem, but also to move toward sustainable solutions going forward.”

Helping Connecting Link Help Others

From its emergency financial assistance and representative payee program, to budget counseling and its car seat safety program, to food bank support and much more, Connecting Link, Inc., believes in the power of a hand up rather than simply a handout. The nonprofit helps residents of North Central West Virginia locate resources to help them become more self-sufficient.

“Healthcare Management Solutions, LLC, has a mission within our community that complements Connecting Link’s mission to assist the most vulnerable populations,” said Connecting Link Executive Director Jone Webb. “We greatly appreciate their generosity and support in providing car seats, diapers, and many other much-needed items and assistance to help us help the needy individuals and families we serve. Hand-in-hand, together we can make a difference!”

Living Out Our Values

Since our founding 19 years ago on August 8, HMS has focused on serving federal and state agencies that protect vulnerable people, helping to ensure that seniors and other healthcare consumers receive the quality care they deserve. HMS’ subject matter leaders also help agencies streamline their workflow, manage and report data, and leverage data to improve both efficiency and care quality.

With our headquarters in West Virginia, we have long supported community services and projects here. HMS leaders and team members devote their time, talent, and resources to improving the lives of others, and are deeply vested in aiding specific causes and populations.

Our community service is deeply rooted in our core values:

  • Act with integrity and honesty.
  • Listen without interrupting.
  • Lead by example.
  • Make reasonable decisions.
  • Accept responsibility for outcomes.
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Recognize the contributions of others.
  • Exceed customer expectations.
  • Face change with an open mind.
  • Deal with challenges in a positive manner.

History of Service

“We’re not just a company — we’re a cause, lived by our people every day,” said Heimbach. “We at HMS believe in a world where vulnerable people are treated with respect and dignity. A world where no vulnerable person has to worry about falling through cracks in the system. And a world where government at all levels uses its laws, regulations, and resources to protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

Some people look at institutions and see bureaucracy. Everyone at HMS looks at institutions and sees people. From our founding in 2002, straight through today, we have brought a unique blend of compassion and business savvy to the task of protecting vulnerable people, while creating a company culture built on bedrock values and infused with integrity.

HMS approaches every contract, project, and partnership with passion and a value-add attitude. The result: 19 years of growth, multiple federal and state agencies strengthened, and millions of lives all around America touched through improved quality of care.

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