HMS Annual Business Networking Event Generated Energetic Engagement

HMS Annual Business Networking Event Generated Energetic Engagement

  • July 7, 2022

Healthcare Management Solutions, LLC (HMS) recently gathered stakeholders, customers and team members together at the Merriweather Lakehouse Hotel in Columbia, Maryland, for a morning of valuable learning, panel discussions, and networking.

The event was designed to deepen relationships between attendees and subject matter experts, present HMS’ value proposition, and explore business opportunities. It was also an opportunity for HMS to spotlight its resources, staff, program history, business processes and methodologies, IT innovations and applications, as well as explain the mix of contract vehicles available for pursuing opportunities. 

HMS management and subject matter leaders hosted participants from a wide array of agencies and organizations, including:

  • Federal agencies: CMS (including CCSQ, CMCS, CM, CMMI, CPI, OIT, CCIIO, and OFM), CDC, AHRQ, NIH, DHS, VA, HRSA, FDA, SAMSHA, HHS-ASPE, MHS, IHS, and MSS, 
  • State agencies
  • Potential commercial partners

HMS was honored to have Elizabeth Fowler, PH.D., J.D., Deputy Administrator and Director, CMS Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI), as the event’s keynote speaker. Dr. Fowler covered a number of topics in her remarks, including:

  • Beneficiary voices (families and caretakers)
  • Experimenting with different approaches to payment models (kidney care, cancer, prescription drug)
  • Health equity and the need for more data on race and ethnicity, as well as expanding the definition of health equity and including rural populations
  • Affordability for beneficiaries; patient cost transparency
  • Collaboration status of the CMMI with other areas of CMS
  • Anticipated models being designed, and the timing of their release
  • CMMI’s needs/plans for the near future

Following Dr. Fowler’s keynote, HMS President Leah Heimbach moderated a panel discussion of HMS subject matter leaders. Panelists included Chief Technology Officer Jason Cunningham, VP of Survey and Technical Assistance Kelley Leonette, Project Director & Office Manager Gwendolyn Graves, and Program Managers Chris Compher and Michael Gartland.

The panel discussion covered three main topics, focusing on HMS’ value proposition:

  1. Resources and staff: How HMS’ approach to design and business processes provides value to its customers
  2. Business process improvement: How HMS’ IT department follows a robust set of processes to ensure delivery of high quality and efficient software
  3. Innovations: How HMS’ IT innovations provide value to its customers

Panelists also discussed HMS’ compliance review and certification, clinical quality validation and review services, and business process and administrative support. They explained why companies should partner with HMS, including the company’s:

  • Strong domain knowledge in survey and certification, marketplace compliance, and model oversight
  • Excellent relationships with federal customers at CCSQ, CCIIO, CMMI, and OHI
  • Proven methodologies in program implementation, evaluation and reviews, and technical support

Other topics of interest discussed by attendees included:

  • Health equity
  • Medical record review and clinical data validation
  • Training
  • Operation improvement and technical assistance
  • Information technology and analytics

Following the presentations and discussions, the event offered extensive networking opportunities.

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