Healthcare Management Solutions, LLC (HMS) Reclassified by Small Business Administration (SBA) as a Small Business

Healthcare Management Solutions, LLC (HMS) Reclassified by Small Business Administration (SBA) as a Small Business

  • July 13, 2022

HMS’ status change will help its customers and partners reach their small business subcontracting goals.

Healthcare Management Solutions, LLC (HMS) has been reclassified by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) as a small business. The change occurred when the SBA modified its revenue-based small business size standards in 16 North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) sectors.

One of those NAICS sectors happened to be the one that includes HMS’ primary NAICS code 541611. The SBA modified its revenue-based size standard for NAICS 541611, increasing from its 2019 level of $16.5 million to $21.5 million for 2022.

“The SBA’s change helps our customers and partners reach their small business contracting and subcontracting goals, since the federal government continues to increase those goals annually,” explained Leah Heimbach, President of HMS. “The change also helps us compete against large businesses.”

Heimbach added that small businesses like HMS are beneficial both to government agencies directly and to prime contractors. Small businesses bring creative solutions to problems, have more flexibility, and tend to establish more personal connections with customers. They also deliver a high level of care, and provide exemplary work through caring, uniquely qualified, and motivated employees, which is especially important in healthcare and long-term care — and is a hallmark of HMS’ approach to business.

In announcing its changes, the SBA said that its new small business size standards would increase eligibility for its federal contracting and loan programs, and expand access to SBA programs for 59,000 small businesses.

“SBA continues to evolve its approach on size standards to ensure that we create access to contracting and loan opportunities for as many small businesses as possible,” said Associate Administrator for Government Contracting and Business Development Bibi Hidalgo about the announcement.

About Healthcare Management Solutions, LLC

HMS protects vulnerable populations and veterans. We blend our unique healthcare and technology expertise to create bold, yet cost-effective solutions that federal and state agencies and our private-sector partners need to make sure your loved ones get the best possible care in nursing homes and other healthcare settings, no matter where in America they live.

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