<strong>Commitment, Enthusiasm & High Productivity Are at the Heart of HMS’ Employee Stock Ownership Plan</strong>

Commitment, Enthusiasm & High Productivity Are at the Heart of HMS’ Employee Stock Ownership Plan

  • January 24, 2023

At Healthcare Management Solutions, LLC (HMS), we are all about protecting vulnerable populations and being part of something bigger than ourselves. That vision is what drives our work together. It means a lot to work at HMS. You get to make a difference every day, helping to protect vulnerable populations throughout the United States and its territories.

 Our first 20 years were an opportunity for the company to grow and mature, and for our employees to do the same. Since restructuring as an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), we continue to build on our legacy of protecting vulnerable populations — and we’re doing so in a way that benefits our employees, because as the company grows, they get to materially participate in that growth.

Today, our commitment to benefiting employees is even more tangible. Being an ESOP empowers us to take those benefits to the next level. Each eligible employee is a co-owner and a stakeholder in our collective future and growth. We always look for creative opportunities for our employees to grow and benefit from the company’s success.

Being an ESOP helps us further live out our core values and motivate employees to work hard so they can share in HMS’ growth and benefit personally throughout the process.

People at HMS are not just employees. They’re team members. They’re co-owners. We’re all in this together, and it’s our job to pull in the same direction to ensure the company continues to grow and that we live out our mission — so everyone benefits.

HMS is more than just a company. We are an amazing network of dedicated peers, a group of experts and subject matter leaders who make a daily difference in the lives of vulnerable populations throughout the United States and U.S. territories.

We are intimately linked to those we serve through the lived experience of many HMS team members who have had family members in long-term care and other healthcare facilities. So, this has been personal work for some of us at HMS ever since this company was formed. We get why our work together is so important to so many people. We know what’s at stake.

Being part of this 100% employee-owned company means that our team members can benefit from the financial rewards of their work — when they bring their commitment, enthusiasm, and high productivity to the table.

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